EP 2015

by Badwill

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This is aggressive hardcore from Saint-Petersburg. All members of the band are antiracists. Songs are about friendship, brotherhood, unity, pride, honour and fighting against the system.


released May 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Badwill Saint Petersburg, Russia

BADWILL - hardcore band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia which was formed in autumn of 2014th year. Hardcore is not just a heavy music genre for us. It means something more. First of all, it's mutual help and resistance. All members of the band are antiracists, so that our music is focused only on antiracist audience. Furthermore, courage of our lyrics is proved not only by words but actions too. ... more

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Track Name: Nobody Can Stop Me
Never try to screw my brothers
Or I make you cry
You will supplicate for mercy
Anyway you will die
You will die an awful death
Because you fucked up
Never try to screw my friends
Or I make you suffer
(Watch your back)

Blood for blood, it’s my revenge
Now it’s time to feel my rage [2]
Nobody can stop me [4]

I’ll blow your brains out
I crap on what you say
There is no way out
Nowhere to escape
I hope I provided you a lesson
I hope you understood what is what
My convictions are all I've ever known
You never tear us down
Track Name: How We Live
We only live once
Live your own life
Like there is no more chance
Do not ask a God
Do not ask a God for help
Live by yourself
You haven't got rights to fail
Your life in your hands

Don't stop…
Never look back [2]
We live by the hardcore
We breath by the hardcore
We live by the hardcore
It lives in our souls [2]

You have to understand
You can’t waste your time
What do you do day by day
You’re losing your mind
And now, listen to me
This is message for you
I told you how we live
You have something to do
Track Name: We Are Lost
What have we done
Look what we’ve done
Destroyed all around us
In order to have fun
Glance around you!
What do you see?
No chance anymore
We’ve lost everything

When I glance
Beyond the stars
I understand
We are fucking lost

Why are we here
What is the reason
By whom or by what
We were chosen
What is waiting for us
This is the question
Time to open our eyes
And find the solution
Track Name: Always Be Honest
Modern life means fight for nothing
Imposed values, stupid ideas
We forgot about our convictions
We got used to live in fear

Can we trust one another
When everybody lies
Can I rely on my brothers
I’m in search of truth

Always be honest
Always tell truth [2]

My eyes, my brain
Still here, still in the game
My guys, my friends
Track Name: Кто, Если Не Мы
За нас решают, как правильно жить
Нам говорят, что хорошо, а что плохо
За каждым шагом они следят
И в то же время пиздят о свободе
Они создают границы
Решают за нас, куда нам идти
И куда нам теперь деваться
Как убежать от системной лжи

Мы должны бороться, мы должны сражаться
Правила просты
Стоять на своем и быть всегда вместе
Кто если не мы?!

Смена властей, новые обещания
Но ничего не меняется
Вы верите им и не верите нам
Зачем мы так сильно стараемся?!
Мы хотим мир изменить и навести в нем порядок
А вы довольны положением дел
Кто же если не мы возведет баррикады
И остановит гребаный беспредел